12 Contemporaries: Present States

A certain sense of urgency and dare became the premises for the development of the graphic materials accompanying the exhibition “12 Contemporaries: Present States”, held at the Serralves Museum, Porto. A recent and improved version of Helvetica was chosen, with its dry and inelegant qualities, and on the other hand, a most common typeface. Relevance was given to the names of the participants, representing a new generation of Portuguese artists: all set in capital letters, their initials served to mark their spaces on the exhibition map. The idea of a guide was taken quite literally, and the museum’s floorplans were used as a graphic element in the brochure. A total of 6 cover/backcover combinations was used, emphasizing the singularity of each artist. Distributed for free in the exhibition entrance, the visitor could thus choose his favorite.

Year: 2014
Category: Exhibition guide, Signage

Client: Serralves Museum
Format: 150 x 225 mm, stapled
Pages: 56
Printing: Offset