Herzog–Kinski: Queridos Inimigos

Part of the ongoing collection “Cadernos Hestóricos”, that the theatre company Confederação has been dedicating to the connection between theater and cinema, this publication followed a film series in which they sought to emphasize the love/hate relationship between filmmaker Werner Herzog and the actor-muse of many of his films, the controversial Klaus Kinski. This publication highlights the stills centered on the actor’s performance, running along the book pages in a horizontal frieze. A final section, printed in a different paper stock, adds the synopses and credits of the films presented in the series “Herzog-Kinski: Dear Enemies”.

Year: 2014
Category: Book

Client: Confederação
Format: 200 x 280 mm
Pages: 36, stapled
Printing: Digital
Cover drawing by Von Calhau!