Voca Revista de Arte #1: Tornados Públicos

“Voca - Art Magazine” appeared as a personal proposal for the final project of the degree in Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto. Edited and designed independently with Isabel Duarte, visual artists were invited to reflect and write about their practice in response to a general theme. Authors participating in this issue included Gabriela Vaz Pinheiro, Isabel Carvalho, Né Barros, Carla Cruz, Susana Lourenço Marques and Miguel Carvalhais, among others. The specific thematic orientation of each of the two numbers published, was also expressed in terms of the artistic and graphic direction of the publications. In the case of the first issue, entitled “Made ​​Public”, photographs of a wide variety of chairs populated the pages, taking the place of illustrations, separators and dropcaps.

Year: 2008
Category: Magazine

Client: Self-published
Format: 190 x 250 mm, stapled
Pages: 76
Printing: Offset, 2/2 colors
Inside cover by André Rosário
Edited and designed with Isabel Duarte