Voca Revista de Arte #2: Efe de Ficção

“Voca - Art Magazine”, edited and designed with Isabel Duarte, published texts of visual artists, who were invited to reflect about their practice in response to a general theme proposed. Authors participating in this issue included Renato Ferrão, André Cepeda, Nuno Ramalho, André Sousa, Marta Bernardes, Miguel Carneiro and Mario Moura, among others. The specific thematic orientation of each of the two numbers that came to life, was also expressed in terms of the artistic and graphic direction of the objects. Printed in two colors, this second issue, sought to address the theme of “Fiction”. Color blocks and typographic tabs were given particularly attention.

Year: 2009
Category: Magazine

Client: Self-published
Format: 170 x 240 mm, paperback
Pages: 80
Printing: Offset, 2/2 colors
Inside covers by José Cardoso
Edited and designed with Isabel Duarte